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The annual national convention was held as planned during the first part of January 2009. Several of the saints and young people from the US had planned to attend, but the terrorist attacks in Mumbai interfered. We were advised that Americans were at high risk in India, and also that our presence there would be an impediment to the meetings because heavy security would also be present in each service we attended.

The saints in India are constructing a new chapel at Vadasserikara, which is in Kerala. Due to a misunderstanding on my part the funds we sent from the US to the saints in north India were not enough to purchase land for a church compound there, so the funds have been deposited until there can be enough (perhaps $10,000 more) to make the purchase.

Pastor Varghese reports the recent loss of a dear sister in a congregation there, and also that two more of the saints are very ill. Please remember the family in grief, and also pray for the ill.

Ed Wilson