church of God in Honduras

Honduras Outreach

The Politilly Bight Church of God congregation decided to replace the old wooden steps that were damaged by bugs and water rot. It was decided to replace them with a retaining wall that would extend from the edge of the porch to the property line. Fill dirt was hauled in to bring the slope up to road level. We had work days and different of the brothers helped with the work.

 wooden chapel steps are being replacedThe old wooden chapel steps are replaced with a ramp and retaining wall.
Doug, Homer and two hired helpersDoug, Homer Belcares, and two hired helpers working on the new ramp.
pouring concretePouring concrete that has been mixed by shovel is a hot job.
Bro. Paul packs down fill dirt with his truckBro. Paul F. packs down the new loads of fill dirt with his truck.

The front of the chapel with new rampThe front of the chapel with the new ramp after a morning service. Lord willing, a concrete sidewalk will be poured when the funds become available.
Bro. Michael Smith preachingBro. Michael S. preaching.
Sis. Carolina loves to sing specialsSis. Carolina H. loves to sing specials.