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Church of God Chapel Roatan Honduras Church of God Chapel, Roatan
Baptism in Punta Gorda Baptism in Punta Gorda

A congregation of the Church of God meets in Politilly Bight, a small village on the island of Roatan, Honduras.  Politilly is a primarily English speaking community on Roatan.

A Christian based English school is directly beneath the chapel.  The school does charge small tuition fees, but the majority of the funding comes from donors in the United States.

The mission house, which accommodates teachers and gospel workers, is just behind the chapel.

Our main mission here is to win eternal souls to Christ.  The best way to win souls to Christ is to teach, preach, and live the truths that are taught in the Bible the same way that they were taught and exemplified in the early morning church.

Tent meetings and visits to homes, prisons, and visits to the mainland of Honduras are a part of the outreach effort.  We really appreciate people from the States coming down to support and be a part of the mission effort.

Roatan has a fascinating culture and a colorful history.

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